Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Pictures and a Contest

Old pictures are so fascinating to me. They hold so much more information that current pictures ever will. Here is my dad and his siblings back in the day. They are in front of my grandparent's house which I spent many days in. My dad is so cool. I could look at old pictures all day long. I like looking at other people's old black and whites on their blogs, too.

I love blogging even though I don't as much as a should. Know what I love as much as blogging? Reading other people's blogs. I've learned so much from so many. One blog I read is having a great giveaway you have to go enter. You can win a free photo session. Enter at Blue Lily Photography. But, if you win and I don't, I'll be mad, I mean, happy for you!!!

I'll probably look at you a little like this: